Velja húðvörur sem henta þinni húð

Choose skin care products that suit your skin

The skin has multiple roles to play. It protects us from external environmental stimuli, rids the body of sweat and prevents fluid loss. The skin is also a sensory organ and can adjust the temperature according to the conditions and produces vitamin D with the help of the sun. It is necessary to give the skin what it needs in order to function and fulfill the role it has to play.

Before starting the skin routine, it is important to understand what the problem is and what we want to focus on. It is known that healthy skin needs less care and therefore can get away with neglect for a short period of time. All skin needs some nourishment and protection to maintain skin health. For those who have skin problems, better treatment is needed to achieve skin health. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right skin care products for your skin. The first thing is to notice the conditions and environment in which the skin thrives at any given time. Second, to realize that the skin can become unbalanced due to seasonal and climatic changes. It is good to prepare and protect the skin from these changes with suitable products. It is advisable not to use the same skin care products in summer and winter. In summer it is good to use lighter skin care products, but in winter we need more moisture and oil in our skin routine.

Lifestyle and diet also have a lot to say about how the skin is and will be. The key to beautiful skin is patience, a regular skin routine with products that have good ingredients that suit everyone. It would be good to stick to the same products for 4-6 weeks and it is also desirable to reduce stress in everyday life.  

It is worth noting that the author is interested in skin health and skin care due to his own skin problems, but is not a dermatologist by training. If you are having a lot of trouble with your skin, we always strongly recommend consulting a doctor or other professional.



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