Collection: Sensitive Skin

The most common symptom of sensitive skin is redness and irritation, which can cause the skin to feel prickly and stiff. This skin type reacts quickly to temperature changes, changes in humidity and stress. Sensitive skin needs gentle, moisturizing and soothing products.

A good tip for sensitive skin is to look carefully at the ingredients and avoid alcohol, artificial fragrances and mineral oil (e.g. palm oil and paraffin). Research has shown that paraffin and artificial fragrances can have a disruptive effect on hormone function, these substances are also irritating to the skin and can cause permanent damage. One of the biggest and most serious effects of mineral oil is how drying it is and how it can clog pores. It can also cause acne and damage the epidermis, to name a few. It is good for sensitive skin to avoid using these ingredients in skin and beauty products.

However, there are some alcohol, e.g. cetearyl, stearyl, cetyl and behenyl, beneficial and neither irritates nor dries the skin, quite the opposite. According to the FDA (Food and Drug Administrator) these types of alcohol have a protective effect against bacteria and moisture loss by forming a protective layer on the surface and making the skin smooth.

It's best to avoid using sunscreen in a spray bottle or aerosol form, as they can be made of a strong formula. It is recommended with mild ingredients such as zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide (zink oxide & titanium dioxide).

Fruit acids are very popular and versatile in skin care. Sensitive skin needs to be careful in these matters, some types of sensitive skin can tolerate mild fruit acids in small amounts, while others cannot at all. It is important to know what your skin can tolerate and act accordingly. People with sensitive skin should avoid big changes in skin routine, neither replace all the products at once nor use too many new products at once. It's harder for sensitive skin to reset itself if something goes wrong.

Like other skin types, sensitive skin also needs moisture and nourishment. It's good to have a moisturizer in your routine and it doesn't hurt to start by cleansing your skin with a mild oil cleanser followed by a milk cleanser. For sensitive skin, it is very important to pay attention to a healthy diet, regular exercise and enough sleep.

It is worth noting that the author is interested in skin health and skin care due to his own skin problems, but is not a dermatologist by training.
If you are having a lot of trouble with your skin, we always strongly recommend consulting a doctor or other professional.

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