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Skin routine Step

It is both a beautiful and calming act to take the time to stop and think about yourself. Whether it's a quiet morning or a stress-relieving evening after a long day at work. We can always give ourselves these peaceful moments to take good care of our skin. Our well-being lies in the present, which we can embrace wholeheartedly, if the will is there.

Skin routine steps are precisely designed to provide fortifying skin protection towards healthier and more radiant skin. They can also reduce the signs of aging and provide a more vibrant and youthful appearance. Healthy skin always looks good because of its ability to protect the skin from external stimuli. Below you will find skin care steps that suit your skin. 

1. Cleansing oil & Cleansing balm & Cleansing milk
Dissolves make-up, sunscreen and pollution left on the skin after the day. Increases the moisture level of the skin with vitamins and nourishing ingredients. Maintains a balanced moisture level and does not dry out the skin. Suitable for all skin types, including the most sensitive. Cleansing is essential as the first step in skin care.
2. Toner 
Facial toner is part of the cleansing process, but it is also important to give the skin extra moisture and prepare it for the next steps. Some toners can balance the pH level and reduce redness and flaking. 
3. Serum & Essence
Serum and essence are magic ingredients in the skin routine and this is an essential step on certain areas of the skin that are problematic or could be better. Serum penetrates deep into the skin and provides it with what it needs to stay fresh and healthy. Essence, on the other hand, is more about accelerating the renewal of skin cells and restoring moisture to them. Essence leaves skin smoother and firmer. 
4. Eye cream
Eye cream is refreshing and is good for maintaining moisture and reducing puffiness. Eye cream smoothes the skin and reduces dark circles. Big benefits come from starting early to prevent further fine lines as the skin ages. 
5. Oils 
Oils provide deep and lasting moisture. With nourishing ingredients, facial oils give skin plumpness and increased elasticity to maintain softness and moisture balance. Facial oils reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
6. Face cream - Moisturizer
Moisturizer moisturizes the skin and seals all the products in the above steps in the skin as well as protecting it from environmental influences. It also prevents dryness, excessive oil production and water loss. Moisturizer is an essential step in your skin routine for skin health.
7. Sunscreen during the day
During the day it is necessary to put on sunscreen! Especially when using products that contain, among other things, fruit acids to keep the skin healthy and glowing.
8. At night 🌙
Can you relax and let the magic do its work. For best results, start your skin routine 1-2 hours before bed to avoid skin products sticking to your pillow. 

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Korean skin care products often combine many good and necessary ingredients in one product. On busy days, you can shorten your morning commute by using a moisturizer under sunscreen. In the evening, you can apply serum directly and then night cream. All our sunscreens contain many beneficial, moisturizing and protective ingredients. Most of them contain the active ingredient niacinamide and hyaluronic acid with the best effectiveness. 
It is worth noting that the author is interested in skin health and skin care due to his own skin problems, but is not a dermatologist by training. If you are having a lot of trouble with your skin, we always strongly recommend consulting a doctor or other professional
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