Kóreanskar Húðsnyrtivörur

Korean Skincare

In recent years, Korean skin care products have taken the West by storm and are enjoying enormous and well-deserved popularity. The products have received unanimous praise for their effective and pure ingredients that do not harm the environment or animals. It has not gone unnoticed that East Asian countries have been leading the way when it comes to technological developments in revolutionary skin and makeup products. Koreans are known for combining new inventions and methods from ancient oriental knowledge of medicinal plants.
Korean skincare is based on a rich tradition of beauty and well-being through self-care. Its history can be traced back to 57 BC to 668 AD. when porcelain skin was only for the rich, royalty and high class people who didn't have to do outdoor work like the common people.

The concept of flawless skin has taken root in Korean society, and the skin care routine not only serves women, but has also reached men. Healthy and glowing skin is worshiped and admired, and it is believed that beautiful skin reflects a person's inner stability. To achieve flawless and healthy skin, Koreans are not afraid to experiment with new skin care products.

The popularity of this product has increased in the West in recent times precisely because of the original innovation in the beauty and cosmetics industry. That makes Korean skin care products high quality products at an affordable price compared to similar western skin care products.

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