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Benton Let's Carrot Moisture Cream

Benton Let's Carrot Moisture Cream

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A mild and nourishing moisturizer that contains nutrients from carrots. Removes dead skin cells and prevents moisture loss. Increases skin elasticity and reduces premature aging.  

Beta Carotene

  • Beta carotene (vitamin A is more abundant in carrots than in any other plant)
  • Provides nutrition, moisture and contributes to increased moisture level of the skin
About Lake Coffee 
    • Full of vitamins E and antioxidants. Provides protection against ultraviolet rays (UV)
    • Prevents premature aging and evens skin tone

    Good to know - Gives the skin a velvety texture. Apply the cream gently on the skin and it will glow.   

    Interesting Facts -  Carrots consist of 88% water. Beta carotene (vitamin A) increases tenfold during aging. Plays the role of protecting the skin cells, the vision and the immune system. Carrots left in the ground over the winter will be sweeter for the next harvest. 


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