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Benton Let's Carrot Multi Oil

Benton Let's Carrot Multi Oil

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Give your skin more radiance with a silky smooth oil. Filled with vitamins to deeply nourish the skin from the inside. The oil prevents moisture evaporation and provides great protection. 

  • Beta-carotene (vitamin A) contributes to firmer, smoother and brighter skin
  • Antioxidant reduces irritation and reduces the harmful effects of free radicals 
  • Lycopene in carrots balances the skin's oil production. Prevents discolored skin and makes it more textured
  • Tocopherol vitamin E protects the skin from free radicals. Reduces wrinkles, scars and is anti-inflammatory

Good to know - Great for anyone who wants to boost their skin's moisture and achieve a fresh look. Ideal moisturizer for dry skin.


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