Collection: Facial Serums and Essences

Serum and It isessence isand powerful step of skin carethe routine. They can penetrate deep into the skin with rich formulas of highly active ingredients.
Serum is one of the most effective skin products that can be used to achieve healthier and younger looking skin. Serum is very helpful in working on specific skin problems and certain areas that could be better. Its characteristic is to be able to activates the skin from the deepest skin layers due to small molecules (e. molicules). With long-term serum use, the skin can be more toned, smoother and fresher. 
Essence, on the other hand, is to speed up the renewal of skin cells, i.e. promote cell turnover so that the top layer of the skin (dead skin cells) is removed. In this way, the appearance of the skin becomes more lively and even. Essence leaves skin smoother and firmer.